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Blue Box Wealth Management, a Geneva-based multi-family office, partnered with William de Gale, one of Europe’s leading Global Technology Portfolio Managers, to launch the BlueBox Global Technology Fund in March 2018, and so BlueBox Asset Management SA was formed. Since then the company has double in size and launched two more funds: Islamic Global Technology , Precision Medicine. BlueBox continues to fulfil our vision of offering our clients the best long-term thematic investment funds.

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Our Funds :

The explosion of technology earnings has been triggered by a single underlying change: Direct Connection

BlueBox Global Technology Fund

The Direct Connection of computers to the real world has enabled the technology revolution of the past 15 years, driving an acceleration in tech adoption simultaneously across all industry verticals. With every other industry investing its excess returns in technology, we expect the IT sector to continue to outperform the broader market as it steals the growth from the rest of the economy. We invest in companies enabling Direct Connection, providing exposure to the most exciting developments in the sector without needing to chase over-hyped themes or invest in over-valued stocks.

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"Investing in Precision Medicine comes with a positive impact for investors and society."            Mark Dainty

BlueBox Precision Medicine Fund

Precision Medicine is bringing a transformational change in what humanity can do to improve people’s lives. It also offers the opportunity for investors to achieve higher returns while helping to deliver a positive social impact. Precision Medicine is a more targeted approach to medicine than the one–size-fits-all methods of the last 100+ years. It is only possible due to a confluence of major advances in genomics, molecular biology, computing power and biotechnology. This wave of innovation has accelerated through the last 20 years and we expect it to grow significantly as we deepen our understanding of more diseases. We expect Precision Medicine to lead to greater predictability and better returns for companies and society at large. We intend to bring investors exposure to this important theme by investing in companies that are developing, selling or enabling precision medicine and creating value for their outside shareholders.

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“I’ve wanted to create an Islamic Global Tech Fund for 10 years!”  William de Gale

BlueBox Islamic Global Technology Fund SP

Our Portfolio Management team has considerable experience running both Tech Funds and Islamic Funds, so putting the two together seemed worth exploring. We found that the Technology Sector is actually very well suited to Shariah constraints, in fact, our back-tested Shariah-compliant technology strategy shows an overlap of around 90% to the holdings in the BlueBox Global Technology Fund. Stripping out non-Shariah-compliant companies leaves a Shariah-compliant fund that is still dedicated to the tailwind of Direct Connection and often actually outperforms the non-Shariah version.

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